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BPI Auctions are proud to offer a variety of different, specialist auctions. These auctions commonly consist of generally high value, luxury items that can be obtained for a fraction of their RRP. 

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Our specialist auctions have historically seen high-quality items including used, rare Harley Davidson motorcycles and more frequently, rare and unique classic cars on auction. Other items we often sell at auction include the likes of luxury watches, homeware and modern cars.

Our specialist auctions are specifically designed to offer some of the best vehicles, jewellery, items and more on the market at competitive auction rates. Expect to see stunning examples of motorcycles, vintage cars and classic campervans.

Below you can find a list of our current specialist auctions, alongside previous auctions that have been successfully run in the past. Our team are on hand to assist with any queries you may have regarding our luxury online auctions. 

Not only are you able to buy from our specialist auctions, but you can also join BPI today to start selling unwanted assets, vehicles or equipment through BPI. You can speak with a member of the team view our contact us page or call us on 01924 245040 today for more help. To start selling specialist assets today, simply create an account on our upload portal.

If you are looking to bid on one of our specialist, luxury online auctions, register an account with us today and start bidding. For more information on collecting items or shipping, visit here.

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