Our team of RICS specialist surveyors and business advisors deliver red book valuations and disposal advice for some of the biggest insolvency firms, lenders and private clients in the UK.

Corporate Recovery

Corporate recovery is a core offering at BPI. At every step of the process we have looked to improve on the traditional agency services, saving our clients time, money and maximising revenue.

We are RICS qualified plant and machinery valuers. For a formal valuation for the statement of affairs (SOA) or a desktop review, we are expertly placed to advise throughout. We act as agents to assist with the entire insolvency process.

Secured Lending

BPI collaborates with leading UK lenders and asset finance houses, offering precise valuations across diverse tangible asset classes. Our expertise in delivering accurate RICS valuations, whether on-site or via desktop reviews, instils confidence in clients assessing lending agreements.

Alongside valuation advice, we also provide detail on potential lending pitfalls including asset saleability, potential uplift & storage costs and overall lending suitability. This helps lenders to fully understand the potential deal in place.

Accounts Valuations

BPI AA are able to support trading businesses by providing accurate appraisals of chattel assets in order to satisfy IFRS and GAAP accounting standards.

We are also able to advise on purchase price allocation for acquisitions and any impairment testing that is required for all property, plant and equipment Assets (PP&E)

Insurance Valuations

We are able to provide both indemnity and reinstatement valuation opinions to assist with PP&E insurance undertakings.

At BPIAA we provide professional, prompt and most importantly accurate valuations of property and business assets for insurance purposes.

More about our Services

Why is BPI different for Secured Lending clients?

From the small independent funds to the large bank lending departments we work with, all of our clients can also access or benefit from:

• Real time market cross referencing with BPI’s sale database across the millions of assets sold each year.

• Quick access to BPI’s fleet of uplift vehicles & experienced logistics team enabling quicker uplift times and reducing recovery costs incurred for defaults.

• Pre-sale storage at BPI’s auction centre reducing costs incurred.

• Asset inclusion in sector collective sales so single assets benefit from ‘big sale’ marketing.

• Bespoke built client upload portals saving time and giving volume businesses more transparency and control over disposals.

What's involved in the Corporate Recovery process?

We act as agents to assist with the entire insolvency process:

• Asset inspection and securing property

• Commitment to return valuations within 7 days

• Management of all title claims

• Implementing bespoke, appropriate disposal strategies

Pre Pack Administrations

BPI AA have a strong understanding and respect for the transparency required in pre-pack administrations. We are able to fully comply with all statements of insolvency practice 16 (SIP 16) requirements to actively seek out prospective interested parties to ensure compliance with the SIP.

BPI AA are independent agents and will be able to confirm appropriate and adequate professional indemnity (PI) insurance.

The swift nature of BPI’s valuation & marketing service means that where a pre-pack administration is deemed in the best interests of creditors, proceedings will be completed promptly. The client can be safe in the knowledge that all avenues have been explored, our marketing team can provide clear and concise data which can seamlessly be included in SIP 16 reports.

Introducing BPI Auctions

Our full in-house offering and disposal on www.bpiauctions.com, as the busiest B2B auction site in the UK we can offer our clients even more:

• Asset storage in BPI’s auction centre when premises need vacating quickly. No compromise required on sale marketing periods and returned revenue.

• Quick access to BPI’s fleet of vehicles including curtain siders, moffett trailers and vans.

• Free sophisticated modern online marketing campaigns to proactively find your buyers, saving weeks compared to traditional marketing methods.

• Print, telesales, direct marketing and bespoke database builds managed by BPI’s in-house marketing team.

• Access to regular sector specific collective sales allowing instructions with fewer assets to take advantage of ‘big sale’ marketing campaigns.

• Sale marketing to tens of thousands of active BPI buyers daily, exposure to hundreds of thousands of site visitors every month on www.bpiauctions.com

• Access to BPI’s Outright Asset Purchase for when time is critical and other options exhausted, managed by our BPI Auctions purchasing team.

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