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Flooring Auctions

See all of our current auctions

See all of our current auctions

Instead of spending hundreds to thousands of pounds on expensive equipment, find great quality alternatives for a fraction of the costs here. With decades of combined experience, we can provide a premium customer service experience alongside fantastic lots with low starting bids and reserves on floor cleaning equipment lots. Why go anywhere else?

Floor Care Auctions at BPI

Looking for professional floor care equipment at an affordable price? Look no further than BPI Auctions. We have partnered with businesses from around the country to provide the highest quality used floor cleaning and care equipment at affordable prices. Whether a business has ceased trading or is simply upgrading their cleaning equipment, we can offer these high-quality machines at a fraction of the cost at new! In our regular floor care auctions, you'll find everything you need for both commercial and private use. From used floor scrubbers and buffers through scrubber dryers, our auctions often have everything you need to put new life back into your tired floor.

Whether you're looking to use this machinery regularly or on the odd occasion, you can rest assured that you're enjoying some of the best prices on the used market at the moment! Save heaps of cash – instead of purchasing brand new machinery or even hiring it, you can now purchase it for an affordable price to use time and time again. The equipment we auction is often suitable for a variety of surfaces. For example, you may find a floor polisher in the same auction as a vacuum cleaner or carpet shampoo machine. You might also come across a host of machinery in different sizes, such as a push to use sweeper all the way through to a ride on commercial sweeper. You're likely to find something that suits your exact requirements in our floor care auctions, and for a price that suits you too.

If you can't find an auction to suit your needs, why not sign up for auction alerts? This way you'll be the first to know when we launch a new auction. Save hours trawling through various auction and online selling sites and come to the experts at BPI.

Used Floor Cleaning Equipment – Why Buy Second Hand?

If you're working with a large space, floor care can seem like a pretty daunting task. Limiting yourself with small equipment can make the task of sweeping, cleaning and polishing it a dreaded one. Purchasing the right equipment which may seemingly have been out of reach before is now a realistic option with BPI Auctions! Ride-on sweepers, industrial polishers and large scrubber dryers have all come and gone through some of our recent auctions.

See all of our current auctions

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