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As the need to raise cash is extremely time sensitive in most liquidation cases, it gives buyers an opportunity to purchase new, nearly new or high-quality items for just a fraction of the cost of the RRP price. Unfortunately, everyday businesses across the UK close their doors for the last time, and we have over 10 years of experience working with partners to help them sell off assets and existing stock and inventory.

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As well as offering the opportunity to acquire items from our bankruptcy and liquidation auctions, we are also pleased to be on hand to assist with the sale of your unwanted or insolvency items. BPI have a wealth of experience in the handling of asset disposal.

BPI are also pleased to offer the services of our RICS regulated team; BPI Asset Advisory. BPI Asset Advisory, a RICS Regulated firm of Chartered Surveyors specialising in the valuation and disposal of assets for Insolvency Practitioners, Lenders and Private Clients.

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Liquidation & Bankruptcy Auctions at BPI

BPI’s Bankruptcy Auctions

When searching for specific, specialist equipment online, it can often be difficult to find what you are looking for at a price that is affordable to you. This is where bankruptcy auctions can help. With any liquidation auction, the opportunity can arise for an item you require to become available at a fraction of the brand new price, in many cases, these can be brand new also.

Sadly, many businesses in the UK go out of business every day and when filing for bankruptcy, selling off assets at auction for the company such as any remaining stock, items in inventory, office furniture and more can help with making the money needed to clear debt.

If the item is used and also depending on the age, whilst we don’t conduct testing on the equipment or items to validate the condition, the item descriptions should reflect the current condition helping with your decision to commit to purchasing at auction. All our auctions allow viewings on-site. Please call to arrange a visit and view the lots we have available today.

Benefits of Buying from Bankruptcy and Stock Liquidation Auctions

Liquidations are very common and can occur due to a number of reasons which the business may have been impacted by, this is often something like the business being declared bankrupt, a business closing or redundant or unwanted stock. The chances of the equipment being fully operational is higher due to recent usage by the company that suddenly went under.

For a quick and impactive sale, many businesses choose to take their assets to auction. Not only is a bankruptcy auction an effective way for a business to recoup costs, but it’s also a great marketplace for people requiring new stock and furthermore, stock that can be acquired by others at a good price.

BPI Auctions has many businesses, sellers and other outlets who sell items and equipment regularly, sometimes following an update of their inventory or sometimes as a result of moving unwanted stock too, so be sure to check all of our auctions on our website today.

FAQ’s for Liquidation & Bankruptcy Auctions

What is a liquidation auction?

A liquidation auction is an auction where the assets of a company are sold to pay its debts. This type of auction is often used as a last resort by companies that are unable to pay their debts. The assets that are sold in a liquidation auction can include anything from real estate to inventory to machinery. Liquidation is when a company is closing down completely. The process usually starts by appointing an administrator who will try and find a buyer to save it. If not, it will go under and the assets need to be sold to clear debt. We as the auction side can sell on behalf of these parties.

Our sister company is an advisor and chartered surveyor to value assets – click the link to find out more information on their available services.

How do liquidation auctions work?

Liquidation auctions provide a way for businesses to sell their assets quickly and efficiently, and for individuals to purchase high-quality merchandise at a fraction of the original price. Many companies use liquidation auctions to sell off surplus inventory, unclaimed freight, and even entire store fixtures. Businesses can also use liquidation auctions to dispose of equipment that is no longer needed or wanted. Individuals can find great deals on merchandise such as clothes, furniture, electronics, etc.

Can anyone buy liquidated stock?

Liquidated stock is a great way to get cheap and sometimes even brand new items. This type of stock can be bought by anyone, but it’s essential to understand the process of liquidation before purchasing any products. Payment for these types of auctions are made to dedicated holding bank accounts on behalf of the liquidators. Further information on this can be found via the supporting paperwork following the sale ends.

Is liquidated stock new or used?

Liquidated stock is a term used in the business world to describe assets or merchandise that has been officially sold off by a company that is in financial trouble. This could be due to bankruptcy, receivership or administration. Used items, on the other hand, are typically second-hand.

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