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See all of our current auctions

Commercial Kitchen Equipment – Why Buy Second Hand?

In all of our kitchen equipment auctions we have a vast array of household names and trusted brands. With BPI Auctions buyers can bid and buy with confidence that the equipment being sold is value for money and presented properly.

A great deal of our catering equipment customers are repeat buyers. As well as highlighting trust in our service, it also highlights a great deal of confidence in the items customers buy through us.

Benefits of Buying Used Catering Equipment

In general, we believe that purchasing used restaurant equipment presents better value in both the short and long-term. Most items available through auction are in excellent, working condition and are a fraction of the price of a new model. When you purchase used commercial kitchen equipment, depreciation is FAR less dramatic. This equipment already loses its initial value when the original purchaser/seller purchased or sold the equipment … as a result, you're scoring a better overall value.

Many manufacturers have problems with transporting equipment and damaging it, albeit residual, in most cases this lowers the value. Costs of repair outweigh its true worth. As a result, we see a very high turnover for equipment in our used restaurant equipment auctions that is still in great working condition and classified as B grade. Although there is no condition report, most non-working equipment can be repaired by the buyer and still save money over the cost of new.

On top of this, purchasing second hand catering equipment in any of our auctions is a form of recycling. By saving money, you're also helping the environment!

See all of our current auctions

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