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Printing Equipment Auctions

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Here at BPI, we are pleased to offer auctions containing high-quality printing equipment and graphics equipment. With a substantial audience which is based around Printing Equipment Auctions (the UK and European), we are the go-to auction house for selling and purchasing your print and finishing equipment.

Printing Equipment Auctions in the UK

Having sold equipment for some of the largest print and lithographic companies in the UK as well as some of the smaller businesses we have a great understanding of print auctions and used printing equipment auctions.

Our online printing equipment auctions are suitable for all of those looking to update the printing solutions in their home or office. Within our printing auctions, buyers have the opportunity to purchase high-quality printing machinery at a fraction of RRP.

We are also proud to offer a printing equipment liquidation service, where we can work with you to help turn your equipment into working capital.

Buying Second Hand Printing Equipment

The main benefit of buying second-hand auction printing equipment is cost saving. We find a great number of our clients often discover equipment in our print and printing auctions that they would not normally be able to afford. A great quality piece of equipment can be constructed from used and second-hand printing equipment, much of which will appear in one of our auctions.

Looking to Sell? 

BPI Auctions are specialists in asset disposal and liquidation. As one of the UK’s leading online auctioneers for many types of stock and equipment, we are trusted by many to turn unwanted assets into capital. Our experienced and committed team lead to excellent results. 

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