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BPI Auction Process

BPI Auctions are a market leader in managing all types of redundant stocks and equipment from Large, Medium & Small Companies as well as private individuals throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients have a full understanding of the auction and outright purchase options.

The three sale models below detail the simple step by step process carried out to complete each transition.

For more information please don’t hesitate to call a member of our team on 01924 245040, or via our email on who will answer any questions or alternatively we can arrange to send one of the team to visit you personally to discuss your requirements.

Disposal: Option 1 – Auctioning your assets at your premises

Many small, medium and large companies prefer to complete a local auction which can be seamlessly managed by BPI auctions from start to finish. A hassle-free, friendly and professional service.

  1. Meet with Client and View assets.
  2. Agree management fee and timing of auction.
  3. BPI attend site to carry out data collection of customer assets.
  4. Agree reserves.
  5. Move auctions to live status.
  6. Carry out Advertising.
  7. Complete online timed auction and send client the hammer prices and sale report.
  8. Invoice buyers of the assets.
  9. Receive payment.
  10. Send Client Remmitance proving goods have been paid for.
  11. Client contacts vendor to arrange collection of goods.
  12. Vendor sends BPI the invoice for all sold goods.
  13. Payment is made.

Disposal: Option Two – Outright purchase option

Due to logistics and operational constraints many clients prefer BPI to sell their assets off-site. BPI can react quickly to any request however small or large.

  1. BPI View and appraise assets.
  2. Agree revenue.
  3. Agree collection point and date.
  4. Receive Invoice from Client.
  5. BPI pay invoice.
  6. Collect assets from Client’s collection point.

Disposal: Option Three – Collective auction process

Every month BPI Auctions carry out a number of collective sales. These sales cover all types of market sectors from Catering equipment, Woodworking Machinery, Metalworking machinery and food processing equipment. These sales are driven by our Vendors who only have a small amount of assets where they quickly want to turn slow-moving or redundant assets into working capital.

  1. Client sends BPI pictures and description of assets along with reserve prices.
  2. BPI load assets onto the live collective auction.
  3. BPI will email a link to the live sale to the vendor.
  4. Carry out all advertising.
  5. Complete on line auction and send vendor hammer prices and sale report.
  6. Invoice buyers of assets.
  7. BPI receive payment of goods.
  8. Send vendor and client remittance proving goods have been paid for.
  9. Client contacts vendor to arrange collection of goods.
  10. Vendor sends BPI invoice for all goods.
  11. Payment is made.

Please feel free to call a member of our team who will be happy to give you further information about our services, or to give advice and guidance on your particular requirements.