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Is your business going through a transformation?

Our expert asset disposal solutions can help you make the right decision for the future.

restructure relocation

Receive expert advice, financial support, and a tailored solution whether you are restructuring or relocating your business.

Is your business experiencing growth or decline?

Whether you’re experiencing remarkable growth or strategically downsizing, contemplating a geographical move, or planning an internal restructure, the options available can be overwhelming.

relocation or restructure

BPI is here to support you. 

We recognise that various factors drive business restructure and relocation decisions. Rising fuel and energy prices, lease expirations, changes in labour dynamics, and evolving market demand all play a significant role.

Our team is dedicated to addressing these challenges and ensuring a smooth transition for your business.

By turning your idle assets into immediate cash, you can reinvest in your business and maintain a healthy financial position.

If your business is under financial pressure, we can help you establish the true value of your business assets. At BPI, we can provide informal advice and through our vast network of professional partners, we can introduce you to a financial professional best suited to your specific circumstances.

Introducing BPI Asset Disposal Solutions.

At BPI, we specialise in hassle-free commercial asset disposal.

Why are we different?

We manage the complete selling process from pre-sale cataloguing and valuations to post-sale payments and collections, taking the hassle out of selling for you.

We will craft a bespoke marketing strategy to achieve the best results for your sale, delivering maximum returns with unrivalled turnaround times.

Our experts can advise you on the value you hold in your business assets and offer a disposal solution to suit your individual needs. Whether you choose to sell from your own site or a BPI location, we can tailor a solution to suit you.

BPI Auctions

Using our auction-selling platform, BPI Auctions, we present your assets to thousands of respected companies and individuals who have pre-registered.

Placing your sale in front of multiple potential buyers in a competitive marketplace, BPI Auctions can boost your margins and return on investment whilst offering total auditability of the sale process.

Is your business growing?
  • Are you investing in equipment upgrades to increase productivity and need to dispose of your surplus equipment?
  • Perhaps you are expanding and it’s not viable to relocate your old equipment?
  • Does your business require new machinery to reduce your environmental impact and improve energy efficiency?
  • Do you need to free up cash to reinvest into more profitable practices?
  • Geographically do you need to move the location of your business?

Embrace the future of your business with confidence. Contact us and discover how our extensive experience in asset disposal can drive your business restructure or relocation towards success. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in optimising your operations, maximising your financial potential, and facilitating a seamless transition.

Is your business declining?
  • Do you need to generate cash to stem financial pressures?
  • Have elements of your business become unprofitable and you need to streamline your operation?
  • Have rising raw material and energy costs made your business unviable?
  • Do you feel that your current business has no future?

Cash flow issues are a common concern during a business restructure or relocation. At BPI, we understand the challenges associated with these transitions. We can provide you with a cash injection by disposing of your surplus assets for a fair value. This not only helps alleviate cash flow pressures but also frees up valuable space for your evolving business needs.

Providing Extra Support for the Relocation or Restructure of Your Business

Restructuring your business involves more than just changing processes or labour. It requires a keen focus on the financial and operational aspects, including optimising your people, processes, and assets. Our team is dedicated to addressing these challenges and ensuring a smooth transition for your business. Our approach ensures that you receive the best value for your equipment while providing buyers with a trustworthy and reliable source for their needs.

At BPI, we have over 50 years of combined experience in providing fast, hassle free asset disposal solutions. Our industry knowledge and expertise allow us to support businesses and help businesses looking to restructure their operations and navigate these changes.

Decommissioning Support

In addition to supporting your equipment disposal needs, we also specialise in decommissioning support. When it’s time to retire or replace outdated machinery, our team can assist you in safely and responsibly decommissioning and disposing of these assets.

We prioritise environmental sustainability and adhere to all relevant regulations, ensuring that your decommissioning process is conducted efficiently and in an eco-friendly manner.

Exporting Support

BPI’s customer base spreads worldwide, giving your assets a wider, more targeted audience.

Whether it’s engineering, woodworking, printing, or medical equipment, we can assist you with all the necessary paperwork and export requirements. Our expertise in handling the complexities of international trade ensures a smooth transition and minimises any potential roadblocks.

Looking to Buy Repurposed Assets?

If you find yourself in need of new equipment to support your business restructure or relocation, we can assist. BPI Auctions, our online buying and selling platform gives you access to affordable, reliable repurposed machinery and equipment.

Selling with BPI – it’s as easy as five steps!

Start-to-finish Management

You will be appointed a dedicated market sector specialist to project manage the complete selling process, taking the hassle out of selling for you.


Expert Valuations & Cataloguing

Our experienced valuers will value and catalogue your assets to achieve maximum returns for your equipment.


Bespoke Marketing Strategy

We will craft a tailor-made marketing strategy to pull target buyers into your sale.


Daily Auction Management

We provide daily management of your sale and continuous communication to ensure your sale achieves the best results.


Seamless Post-sale Management

Our efficient post-sale process, including invoicing and collections, provides you with a seamless completion process.


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