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The variety of equipment that passes through our warehouse is truly vast, and often, you might find exactly what you need in a similar market sector, such as office flooring or home and office furniture. Check out all of our current auctions to discover the full range of industries and sectors we work in and auction equipment and materials in.

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IT and Office Equipment Auctions at BPI

Renovating your office space is no cheap task. IT equipment such as computers, hard drives, servers, printers, photocopiers, fax machines and even telephones all cost serious money when you want to do the job properly. For the majority, possessing all of these items and other essentials simply isn't an option and sacrifices have to be made. Whether this is coping without a photocopier, sharing phones or scrapping essential IT infrastructure equipment, cost-saving measures usually have to be made.

In truth, this doesn't always have to be the case. More often than not, you can find key office equipment through online auctions at BPI. We work with a huge range of partners throughout the UK who are looking to sell their unused office equipment. These can be companies that have recently gone into liquidation or even companies that are looking to sell off their excess equipment if they're downsizing or upgrading their systems. We find that a great deal of the auctions that we launch are packed with premium-quality equipment – often only a generation behind the latest models or even newer. In some cases, you may find that we have equipment available that you require that has been discontinued by retail outlets, and therefore is incredibly hard to source.

Used Office and IT Equipment – Why Buy Second Hand?

The main benefit of buying second hand for your office renovation is cost saving. Our customers often find themselves saving thousands by investing in used equipment rather than similar models that retail at a high-cost, brand new. Larger items such as photocopiers can be picked up at a fraction of the price, computers, often packed with the latest hardware, can be obtained for a bargain price.

We also find that our customers source equipment from us that they would otherwise not be able to afford to invest in. When an auction contains multiple lots from a company that is selling off their office assets, customers often discover items that they would have previously not considered or thought of. A great quality, highly reliable IT infrastructure can certainly be constructed from used items, many of which appear regularly in auctions.

Have IT or Office Equipment to Sell?

We can help… If you have the equipment to sell, BPI Auctions are one of the UK’s market leaders in the management of redundant stocks and equipment from companies both large and small, as well as private individuals throughout the UK, and are able to assist in the sale of your goods.

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