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Cars & Commercial Vehicles

Cars and Commercial Vehicles

Buy Cars & Commercial Vehicles with BPI

Our auctions feature a wide selection of vehicles, including ex-fleet vehicles, motorcycles, vans, HGV’s and classic cars, all available with extremely competitive starting bids. With our user-friendly auction platform, you can easily browse and bid on vehicles from the comfort of your home or office.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your van or business vehicle, our auctions feature some of the most popular models in the commercial sector, including Ford, Volvo, Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes Benz.

Many of our listing’s feature finance repossessions and ex-lease vehicles, excellent targets for securing a new vehicle at a fraction of the RRP. These vehicles are typically well-maintained and represent a great value for potential buyers.

Live Auctions

Sell Cars & Commercial Vehicles with BPI

Are you a business looking to streamline your operations and maximise the value of your assets? Maybe you are looking for a fleet disposal solution? If so, our asset disposal solutions, tailored specifically for cars and commercial vehicles, are the perfect solution for you.

Whether you’re moving away from traditional traders or seeking to capitalise on repositioning or leasing opportunities, we provide comprehensive solutions that ensure a seamless and profitable disposal process.

Start selling with BPI.

Whether you’re starting up or retiring; relocating or restructuring;
scaling or closing or simply require a quick sale of surplus equipment;
we have a tailored disposal solution for you.

An Alternative Solution to Selling Vehicles

Gone are the days of relying solely on traders for your asset disposal needs. While traders may still be an option, they often prioritise quick sales over obtaining the best value for your vehicles.

Our approach is focused on using our years of experience and our database of thousands of engaged buyers to provide you with the best possible sales experience and achieve the best possible price for your car or commercial vehicle.

Why Partner With BPI?

Our asset disposal services not only benefit businesses looking to sell their vehicles but also cater to buyers looking to purchase a vehicle at a substantial discount of the showroom price. We work with some of the UK’s leading businesses, which allows us to give our customers access to a wealth of quality vehicles, which can be collected in a matter of days.

Car dealers who wish to dispose of their cars or commercial vehicles can also benefit from our services. We provide a platform that connects you with potential buyers, simplifying the process and increasing your chances of a successful sale. Our team of experts ensure that you receive the right guidance and support to optimise the value of your assets.

Why Buy Cars & Commercial Vehicles through BPI Auctions?

Online auctions are a great way to pick up a car or commercial vehicle at a fraction of the showroom price. If you are looking for a low-cost car or commercial vehicle, auctions can often be a much cheaper alternative to buying directly from a dealer.

Providing Buyers with the Leading Brands

Whether you’re a collector looking for a rare gem, a dealer looking to expand your inventory, or just someone in the market for a new vehicle, BPI Auctions has something for everyone. We handle selling vehicles for fleet renewals and liquidations as well as private individuals; allowing us to regularly offer a great variety of specialist cars and commercial vehicles to list on our auction platform.


Do all vehicles start and drive?

It’s not guaranteed all vehicles start and drive. Most auction houses consign vehicles through various supply chains and therefore turnaround is fast. Most are genuine reasons for sale but the buyers must make sure they do their research before committing.

Can I view the car before I place a bid?

Yes, all vehicles are viewable by law. Those seeking to view can book an appointment any time prior to the sale end.

Can I buy a vehicle subject to inspection?

In short, no. You should inspect a vehicle prior to committing. Once a winning bid is placed, you must complete the transaction.

Am I protected if the car is not what I'd hoped for?

In short, no. All vehicles are sold as seen and once committed, you must complete the transaction.

Do all vehicles come with the necessary paperwork?

Part of the auction process is to collect as much paperwork as possible. Often vehicles come from repossessions or liquidations and therefore on some occasions there is only a Key available. Advice on retaining a new logbook is something we endeavour to buyers.

Do you help with transporting a car bought at auction?

It is advisable that you arrange your own transportation as auction houses do not offer warranty protection for vehicles in transit. However, there are partners we refer our buyers to upon request.

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