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Job Lot & Wholesale Auctions

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Browse the latest job lot/wholesale items in our online auctions. Here at BPI Auctions, we have over 100 years of combined experience. With 1000s of live auctions a year, with often, a wide range of auctions running. In our job lot and factory clearance auctions, you can find quality bundled pallets, small objects and larger items to many more in our job lot/wholesale section.

Discover all kinds of cheap wholesale products from stock clearances, to garage and home items, market stalls, online retail items and more. In our online auctions, you can expect to find an array of lots, such as clothing, childrens’ toys, automotive parts, DIY, tools and much more.

For job lots, factory clearance and wholesale auctions, we have plenty of options for you here at BPI Auctions.

Benefits of Buying Job Lot Wholesale Items

Take advantage of wholesale auction goods through our online auctions. All pallets of goods for sale tend to be unique unless stated otherwise, containing brand new or used items that are in mixed condition (depending on the lot) and pose the benefits of retaining goods that may prove to be at a significantly discounted price and that could be of great value. Discover affordable items and find cheap job lots for sale at auction today.

There are many benefits and money-saving opportunities when it comes to bidding on pallets of goods for sale. You will find the process of bidding incredibly easy and efficient. Register an account with us at BPI Auctions and explore our selection of wholesale products. 

You can expect assorted items and pallets that can be from retailers and stock clearances, events equipment or unwanted items. Boxes can contain all sorts of goods and whether or not it's valuable to you, there are fantastic opportunities to resale and earn profit from.

There are plenty of advantages when buying unwanted items, and the mystery boxes can hold the best deals around. There’s also the beneficial side for sellers. Wholesale items are one-off boxes and make them great for selling opportunities.

What Can be Expected from a Job Lot / Factory Clearance Auction?

Job lot auctions aren’t really limited to anything when it comes to it, and can in fact be anything across any niche. These can sometimes be items that have been supplied from retail shops, online stores or events companies. If you are looking for a discount wholesale bundle then our auctions could be the perfect answer.

Given how broad these auctions are, you can expect to see a mix of items, more commonly unwanted or returned items, factory clearance items, stock clearance items, mystery items and much more. Many of these job lot auctions can provide stock worth a lot of money for a low price, making them excellent for those looking for specific lots or stock to sell on.

Are you Looking to Sell Job Lots, Pallets or Factory Clearance Items?

Start selling your unwanted, mystery or ex-retail goods at BPI Auctions. Begin by creating an account with us, set up your preferences and start listing your desired auctions.

Once you’ve registered and completed your account with us, you can easily manage your listings within your dedicated upload portal Insert link to the sell page. Fill out your listing details and submit images and reference up to 20. Once submitted one of our experts will review your submission and contact you to discuss the sales process. Once approved, we enrol your listings into a collective or dedicated auction depending on volume. We handle the results, payments and enquiries for you. All you need to do is handle collections from winning bidders.

We are the UK's favourite online auctions with over 1000 auctions per year. We provide free marketing for your items and make sure your items sell. There are no upfront costs and our fees are lower than our competitors. Here at BPI Auctions, we also don’t charge you for items that do not manage to sell.