Selling at auction is becoming increasingly popular with both businesses and individuals. Online auctions are a simple solution to getting the best out of your items with little effort from you. So, how do you sell with BPI?

It’s quite simple when you have a checklist:

  • Are your items worth selling in an auction?
  • If so, have you got an estimated value and a reserve price in mind?
  • Take pictures and type up a detailed overview of the item(s)
  • Get in touch with us and send the above through to us or submit your information via the BPI Marketplace below
  • We’ll discuss fees and timescales of your sale with you
  • We’ll include your items in a collective sale with other vendors items or put them in a standalone sale if the catalogue is big enough
  • Items sell, we invoice the winners, they pay us, we release a remittance document to both winner and vendor
  • Collection is made between both parties
  • Auctioneer pays the vendor minus the selling fee arranged… Simple!