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BPI announces fresh new rebrand and website!

Out with the old, in with the new! The BPI team has been working very hard behind the scenes to develop a strategic rebrand and revamped website to improve customer experience.

We worked with Creative Spark to rebrand as part of our next business phase to  become the leading marketplace for industrial asset disposal, revolutionising traditional auctions and offering best-in-class online service to both bidders and sellers.

Our new BPI brand consists of three sub-brands, including BPI Asset Disposal Solutions, BPI Auctions and BPI Asset Advisory.

Check out our video below:

BPI New website features:

The brand new website for the auction platform has been improved to provide a more seamless selling process and a user-friendly buying process with clearer navigation between current auctions, supporting customer experience and usability.

Some of the new features you may come across include:

  • Improved website functionality enabling you to buy and sell in the smartest way possible.
  • Streamlined internal processes to give you the best start-to-finish buying and selling experience.
  • New and improved ‘My Account’ area giving you full control of your bought and sold items.
  • Responsive website design means you can easily view from your mobile, laptop or tablet. 

Henry Spencer, Chief Operating Officer at BPI, said: “BPI has evolved immensely over the last few years, and this reinvention of the brand will inject a modern, energetic and proactive feel into our already established brand. We are now positioned as a key market player to lead commercial and industrial asset disposal.

“With the new brand, we strive to be the go-to industrial marketplace for businesses that are retiring, relocating, restructuring, liquidating or companies who simply need to free up space, generate cash flow or achieve environmental targets. The new brand and website will benefit both new and existing clients, with a new and improved selling process and more personalised buying experience.” 

Recently appointed Victoria MacMillan, Head of Marketing at BPI, oversaw the rebrand. She said: “This has been an exhilarating time for BPI! To help determine the rebrand’s aims, we engaged as many customers as possible by running an extensive survey to discover what clients felt the company excels in and how it could improve to ensure it can meet their demands directly. We also ran an internal workshop to redefine our brand vision, values and target customer persona to craft the new BPI identity. 

“It was imperative that we built a brand that not only encompassed our company values but resonated with corporate clients looking for a trusted industry leader for buying and selling business assets. The rebrand is just the beginning, as we will continue to improve the customer journey and buying/selling experience in order to build loyal and lasting industry relationships.”

If you’re looking to buy or sell industrial equipment, engineering tools or machinery, our team can provide you with a hassle-free disposal solution.

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