BPI Asset Disposal was recently appointed to manage the asset disposal of two modular Portakabin buildings on behalf of Croydon London Borough Council.

Asset Disposal Requirement:

Croydon Council had two genuine Portakabin buildings to be sold as one lot. Their initial hurdle was finding an asset disposal specialist willing to handle the sale of a ‘small’ lot, especially one that offered the flexibility of setting reserve prices and had the right audiences for the sale.

The two buildings were from the Portakabin Titan range, the largest range of portable cabins, a spacious and flexible workspace that can be created for a wide range of applications. At the time of sale, they comprised of offices, toilets, and a canteen area.

After seeking expert advice and support from several businesses, the local authority chose BPI as their trusted partner thanks to our bespoke service offering, past track record with site accommodation, and our intelligent auction platform with an extensive buyer audience.

Our Asset Disposal Solution:

With over 50 years of combined experience in the asset disposal industry, BPI swiftly responded to Croydon Council’s requirements.

Despite challenges posed by initial low-quality images, BPI appointed a dedicated representative to the London site within a week of the sale going live. This on-site visit allowed the BPI team to comprehensively catalogue the site accommodation assets, inducing high-quality photography and detailed item descriptions for the online auction.

Following accurate assessment, consultation and a bespoke marketing strategy, BPI was able to leverage an extensive database, and Croydon Council’s modular buildings built up an engaged audience online on their industry-leading online auction platform.

BPI’s innovative auction platform allowed Croydon Council to conduct the sale directly from the site. This approach eliminated the need to transport the assets to an external auction venue, significantly reducing logistic challenges and associated costs and ensuring minimal disruption to the Council’s operations.


BPI and Croydon Council’s collaboration was a success! The sale raised a satisfactory lot price of £9,000.

The decision to sell directly from the site not only accelerated the disposal process but also contributed to the circular economy by enabling the buildings to find new owners, extending asset life and preventing unnecessary waste.

Disposing of the site accommodation through BPI’s online auction platform exemplifies the local authority’s commitment to sustainability. Opting for an online auction minimised environmental impact by significantly reducing transportation needs and carbon emissions, conserving resources.

Hear from our experts:

Jamie Senior, Business Development, commented on the project: “Our strategic approach to asset disposal showcased here underscores our commitment to hassle-free solutions and maximising returns for our client.

“Leveraging our industry-leading auction platform, bespoke strategy and experienced team, we supported Croydon Council with efficiently and profitably disposing of their assets.

“By auctioning directly from the site, we not only optimised visibility and achieved a satisfactory £9000 sale within three weeks, but we also supported the local authority with sustainability and circular economy goals. Our commitment extends beyond profitability to delivering practical, environmentally conscious solutions for clients navigating the dynamic challenges of sustainability.”

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