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BPI supports fleet renewal strategy with asset disposal

BPI Asset Disposal was recently appointed to manage the disposal of brand-new and unused tools and engineering stock on behalf of one of the UK’s leading industrial engineering suppliers.

Asset Disposal Requirement:

The engineering supplier faced the challenge of disposing of over 1000 brand-new and unused engineering items spread across eight different sites as part of their fleet renewal strategy to upgrade equipment.

Seeking an asset disposal specialist capable of managing a sizable lot with proven expertise, they found an ideal partner in BPI. The decision was based on our extensive warehouse capabilities, proven track record in completing sales for a majority of assets, and consistently achieving high returns.

The engineering supplier valued our team of industry experts, anticipating a seamless process and optimal returns through our intelligent auction platform and extensive buyer audience.

Our Asset Disposal Solution:

Recognising the time-consuming nature and potentially lower returns associated with individual item sales, our team provided a tailored approach, allowing the freedom to add reserves to items and ensuring optimal returns.

Partnering with BPI meant the engineering equipment supplier could avoid the long delays and constant involvement often associated with selling items individually through a dealer network.

Our auction-selling platform ensures exposure to thousands of pre-registered companies and individuals, maximising the potential buyer pool, increasing margins, and reducing turnaround times. This method resulted in minimum disruptions to business operations during the fleet renewal, providing a quick and efficient transition.


Our dedicated team managed the entire selling process, from pre-sale cataloguing and valuations to post-sale payments and collections of over 900 lots of tools and engineering stock in just four months.

The industrial engineering supplier avoided time-consuming individual sales and ensured optimal returns with our tailored approach. The disposal was completed before their New Year’s deadline (31 December), as we had finalised all sales by 1 December.

Hear from our experts:

Nathan Burnham, Business Development, commented on the project: “We were delighted to be the selected asset disposal partner for the engineering company’s forward-looking fleet renewal initiative.

“Our tailored approach ensured optimal returns and reflected our commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and client satisfaction. Through our auction platform, we enhanced exposure, maximising returns while aligning with a commitment to sustainability. This efficiency-focused and client-centric approach ensured the engineering company’s fleet renewal journey was both seamless and gratifying.”

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