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BPI supports fabrication workshop with fast asset disposal

Fabrication workshop with laser cutting machine

Multi-disciplinary creative studio and prop workshop Fabricate London recently appointed BPI to facilitate the sale of a surplus section of the business.

The company has twenty years of experience supplying and installing high-end bespoke fabrication to the film, television, retail and events industries, including architectural models and 3D printed designs.

Following a strategic decision to restructure, Fabricate London searched for a company that could help raise additional funds to support the restructuring of the business. The BPI team was ideally suited due to our expertise in business restructuring and relocating. We provided a straightforward valuation of the business assets, which were then hosted on our online marketplace.

The selection of assets for sale included a range of woodworking equipment, engineering equipment, site accommodation and tools, which were originally utilised for crafting a wide range of props, sets and sculptures delivered worldwide.

With our extensive database of thousands of engaged buyers and bespoke marketing strategy, we were able to more than double the reserve value (+128%).

Using BPI’s industry-leading auction platform and our extensive end-to-end marketing and sales process, the sale was finalised in just five weeks. We marketed the industrial assets by positioning them in front of our 1,500,000+ website users, as well as in our email newsletters and social media audience.

Due to the current cost-of-living crisis, these pre-owned goods provided a perfect opportunity for a growing business looking to upgrade equipment and machinery in a more affordable and timely manner.

The items were sold directly from Fabricate London’s site, which reduced unnecessary transportation energy and costs and aligned with their sustainability objectives to reduce energy consumption where possible.

The auction helped maximise the return of Fabricate London’s redundant assets and generated a healthy cashflow infusion that could be reinvested into business areas with more growth potential. The additional funds can now be used to invest in new technology to enhance efficiency, streamline operations and improve product and service offerings.

Equally, selling surplus equipment and machinery allowed Fabricate London to recycle the assets and give them a new lease of life. Reusing business assets is a crucial element of the circular economy by reducing the reliance on new machinery production as industrial accommodation and equipment can be refurbished for use in a different business setting. 

Emma Crossley, Creative Director from Fabricate London, commented on the recent sale: “Jamie at BPI made the process of selling the company’s surplus assets smooth and put us at ease with a process that we were unfamiliar with. The process was friendly yet professional throughout, and we received a timely response to correspondence. We would highly recommend using BPI.”

Having worked closely with Fabricate London, Jamie Senior, Business Development at BPI, said: “We were thrilled to support Fabricate London with disposing of their redundant assets, and the team worked hard to achieve a quick turnaround and acquire more than double the reserve value.

“Selling surplus physical assets can play a crucial role in supporting a business’s restructuring efforts. It offers a range of benefits, including cost reduction, strategic flexibility, improved financial health, and, more notably, immediate cash flow generation. This financial relief can be used to pay off debts, sustain operations during the restructuring process, or, in this case, strategic reinvestment in high-growth areas, thereby enhancing efficiency and competitiveness.

“However, it is crucial to plan and execute the sale of surplus assets carefully. A well-thought-out strategy should involve valuation, marketing, negotiations, and legal considerations. Ensuring the long-term impact on the business’s operations and growth strategy is positive requires thorough strategic planning and financial analysis”.

Are you going through a business transformation?

At BPI, our asset disposal solutions can help you if your company is experiencing remarkable growth or is looking to downsize or relocate strategically.

By turning your redundant business assets into capital infusion, we can support you in reinvesting in your business and maintaining a healthy financial position.

If you are looking to maximise the return on surplus business assets, contact us to discuss how our team of asset disposal experts can help.

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