Creatif Architectural Products Asset Disposal Solutions for Business RelocationHow BPI helped Creatif Architectural Products with asset disposal amid business relocation

After being faced with the daunting challenge of relocating their production facility, Creatif Architectural Products approached BPI to explore efficient asset disposal solutions for business relocation.

In today’s fast-moving business landscape, companies often face unforeseen changes that require relocations or closures. This can leave them needing to dispose of surplus equipment and assets quickly and efficiently.

For Creatif Architectural Products, a leading manufacturer of flexible space dividers in Leeds, a change in ownership and production relocation presented a significant challenge.

However, with the help of BPI and their business relocation asset disposal services, Creatif was able to navigate this transition smoothly and maximise the value of their assets.

The challenge

Creatif Architectural Products was facing the closure of its manufacturing facility, as its new London-based owners were relocating production. The company needed a swift and efficient solution to dispose of its manufacturing equipment and assets.

The asset disposal solutions for business relocation

Through a mutual contact, Creatif connected with BPI. Recognising the urgency of the situation, BPI visited Creatif’s Leeds facility within just 20 minutes of their initial call.

BPI’s onsite Project Manager catalogued, photographed and wrote detailed descriptions for approximately 140 lots of equipment, machinery, materials, and office furniture.

The wide range of equipment included:

  • 2017 Combilift C2500: Forklift truck for various industrial applications
  • 2016 Mecal SW 453 Plug Double Mitre Saw: High-precision saw featuring a double-sided design for increased efficiency.
  • 2016 Pressta Eisele Pneumatic Punching Press: Precise metal shaping for creating intricate details in dividers.

To maximise exposure and attract qualified buyers, BPI leveraged its extensive industry network and online platform, BPI Auctions. A transparent online bidding process ensured a smooth buying experience for potential customers.

The results

  • Fast turnaround: BPI completed the entire asset disposal process, from initial contact to final collection, within a remarkable timeframe of three weeks.
  • Successful sale: Over 90% of the 140 lots were sold through the BPI Auctions platform, generating a total revenue of £12,500 for Creatif.
  • Minimal unsold items: Only a handful of lots remained unsold, minimising losses and disruption for Creatif.

During this time of significant change and upheaval, Creatif Architectural Products expressed their appreciation for BPI’s service.

“BPI is a very professional and efficient organisation,” said a representative from Creatif. “We raised £12,500 and the whole process was completed within 3 weeks. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

Creatif’s experience demonstrates BPI’s commitment to providing seamless asset disposal services for businesses undergoing transitions. By combining rapid response, targeted marketing, and a user-friendly online platform, BPI helps companies like Creatif navigate asset disposal during business closure efficiently and maximise their returns.

Discover how BPI Asset Disposal Solutions can provide solutions for asset disposal during business closure or relocation.