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BPI AA are seeking urgent interest in the business and or assets of a environmentally friendly green packaging company.

Accounts Information

2019/2020 T/O £718,188 – PBT £65,698

2020/2021 T/O £1,283,032 – PBT £100,273

Tangible Assets

The business has a number of relevant machines, however, the majority of machinery utilised in production is owned personally by the director.

Intangible Assets

The business has three Framework Agreements with council bodies that are due to be income producing in the near future. They also have a web domain, phone number and associated IP.

Interest & Offers

We are urgently seeking interest in the business and or assets. For further information please contact andy@bpiaa.com/kate@bpiaa.com for an NDA. The sale will be completed via an insolvency process Wednesday 20 July 2022.




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