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The heat is on for hunters of garden goodies

03 August 2017

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Nothing says summer time like chilling in the garden with a glass of something cold and fizzy - even if it is only lemonade. But if you think the closest you'll get to a hot tub is accidentally dropping the disposable barbecue into the birdbath, then think again - at BPI Auctions we have a huge selection of high-end items to transform your outdoor space.

A 1.9m spruce hot tub is compact enough to fit into many gardens yet is impressive enough to make you the envy of the neighbours - while the starting bid is probably less than you'd pay to hire one for a month.

The humble garden shed has long been a place of peace and contemplation for dads and husbands, so imagine having an entire camping pod to use as a bolt-hole. We have one for auction that not only has a double bed but a sitting room area and double glazing.

Sick of soggy barbecues? Our 9.2m² barbecue grill hut has a grill with various cooking platforms and double-glazed windows. Alternatively, indulge your inner Antonio Carluccio with a traditional, handmade, wood-fired brick pizza oven complete with cooking spade.

Lighting is an easy way to quickly transform any space, whether indoor or out. And while a string of twinkly fairy lights may look pretty, a Victorian style street lamp really makes a statement. We have a range of magnificent cast iron lamppost style lights standing 12ft tall. Or enjoy the subtle glow created by a patio heater, which will also keep the late evening chill at bay.

A garden make-over need not involve huge or expensive items. A stylish hand-fired terracotta pot, ornate bench or even an old-style cast iron letterbox will all add character to any outdoor space.

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