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Argentina knocks out England as most passionate World Cup fan base

With the Fifa World Cup kick-off in Qatar just weeks away and the recent Lionesses’ win, football fever is very much on the horizon. While every country’s fanbase sees itself as the most dedicated football supporters, some teams may be more dedicated than others.

Based on popularity or historical wins, some fans are willing to pay more than others to own a piece of their country’s football success.

With this in mind, and following a 50% increase in the search term ‘sports memorabilia’ over the past year¹, we’ve researched every team qualified for the 2022 World Cup to find the top ten most passionate fan bases based on the highest memorabilia value.

The top ten Fifa World Cup teams are:

  1. Argentina – Diego Maradona’s Hand of God Match Shirt – £7,142,500Diego Maradona Hand of God Match Shirt
  2. England – 1966 World Cup Winners Medal – £164,8001966 Winners Medal
  3. Portugal – 2002 Ronaldo Futebol Stickers – £6,4992002 Ronaldo Futebol Stickers
  4. Brazil – Pele signed shirt – £6,000Pele signed shirt
  5. France – Signed Kylan Mbappe World Cup Winner Jersey – £4,999.99Signed Kylan Mbappe Jersey (1)
  6. Spain – Iniesta and Xavi signed World Cup Shirts – £3,999.99
    Iniesta and Xavi signed World Cup Shirts (1)
  7. Netherlands – Edgar Davis Sunglasses – £3,500
    Edgar Davis Sunglasses
  8. USA – 1994 US World Cup Autographed Jersey – £2,165.63
    1994 US World Cup Autographed Jersey
  9. Germany – Signed Manuel Neuer Shirt £1,999.99
    Signed Manuel Neuer Shirt
  10. Belgium – Signed Kevin De Bruyne Framed Jersey – £1,499.99
    Signed Kevin De Bruyne Framed Jersey

Unsurprising to many fans, the top spot was claimed by Argentina, the home of one of football’s most regarded players, Diego Maradona. His 1986 ‘Hand of God’ goal has become one of the sport’s most iconic moments, so it’s little shock that his worn shirt from said match broke records in May this year when it sold for £7,142,500 at auction.

The shirt was the most expensive piece of sporting memorabilia until this September when beaten by a Michael Jordon 1998 NBA Final Jersey selling for £8.85 million.

England took second place in the rankings thanks to the sale of Alan Ball’s 1966 World Cup winners medal, sold for £164,800 back in 2005. Winning the prestigious World Cup title appears to affect other countries’ memorabilia values too; thus, Victor of the 2018 cup, France’s Kylian Mbappe’s signed shirt is currently on sale for £4,999.99. Similarly, Spain’s first and only World Cup win in 2010 values match players Andres Iniesta and Xavi’s signed shirts at £3,999.99.

It’s not just shirts making up the pricey memorabilia. Some fans are more interested in unique items relating to their favourite player. A Panini Futebol sticker from Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut for Sporting CP in 2002 recently sold in ‘mint condition’ for a whopping £6,499, much more than it would’ve been worth two decades ago. Likewise, If accessories are more your thing, a pair of Dutch player Edgar Davids sunglasses are on sale for £3,500. The Netherlands National team star became a recognisable figure in the late 90s by sporting eyewear in many matches.

Sporting memorabilia is common across many of our auctions. From Football to F1, we have goods from up-and-coming stars to sporting legends. Whether a treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one, memorabilia is a perfect option for any football fan. It can also be a wise investment which could see value multiply over the next few years.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to secure additional funds and have some sporting memorabilia you think could be valuable. Make sure to sell your items through a trusted site experienced with memorabilia goods, such as ourselves, who can ensure the best price for your items.

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